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“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”So wrote one of Britain’s most respected and insightful authors. This is because home is the one place that affords each of us complete control over our environment, making us feel that we truly belong there. A home is a canvass on which a householder can express their individuality and sense of style, and bespoke furniture from Inteka is the ideal medium for that expression.
So, what kind of home makes you feel at home? Thanks to our bespoke furniture, Twickenham householders and those from across Greater London can match their home interiors to their lifestyles. If you are a fan of traditional period styles, our bespoke furniture design team can create pieces that capture the same ‘look’, but are tailored for the layout and dimensions of your house. By installing bespoke furniture, Richmond townhouses can be made to resemble a Victorian manor, a country cottage, or any other type of home.
If you prefer the chic luxury of modern designs and materials, our contemporary furniture designers can certainly accommodate you. Far from simply aiming to establish a distinct fashion, contemporary furniture makers focus on ways to make furnishings more convenient and useable, while maintaining their stylish appearance. This can involve simple concepts such as employing modern methods to make the most of available storage space, to more in-depth processes such as using contemporary furniture design solutions to work with specific aspects of your lifestyle.
What if you want something completely new and different for your home? This is where our professional designers and engineers really shine, bringing their extensive expertise in modern furniture design to bear to make your ideas a reality or to inspire new concepts for existing spaces.
To access the expert furniture design UK homes deserve, contact Inteka today.


The experienced designers at Inteka are happy to visit you at home to discuss your requirements and provide inspiration for your bespoke furniture project. We are able to advise on the best materials, finishes and functionality to suit your specific needs and ensure that your vision is realised by our craftsmen. In-depth measurements will be taken to ensure your furniture is millimetre perfect.

Our craftsmen take your furniture design and painstakingly bring it to life, using traditional expertise combined with the latest technology. To make the perfect piece that complies with rigorous standards, Inteka's experts combine a creative eye with a disciplined attitude to construction and respect for the materials we use, while maintaining the longevity and functionality in mind.

At Inteka we understand that your home is your castle, a space for you to relax and spend time with friends and family, and as such our expert installation teams endeavour to respect your home and provide a polite, punctual and most importantly tidy approach to installation. With the vast majority of the work being completed at our workshop, installing your custom furniture is a simple process.



We have been established for some years now and are yet to receive a call to report a serious problem with our work, which is testament to our expert manufacture and installation services.




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    The expert team at Inteka offers a completely personalised service, with an extensive range of materials and an almost limitless design portfolio to choose from. Our custom-made furniture can be tailored to suit your home and your requirements completely. This includes:

    • Manufacturing each individual piece to fit your height, width and depth requirements.
    • Crafting your chosen design to accommodate a sloping ceiling, irregular walls, uneven floors or any other quirks in your home – ensuring your piece fits perfectly into any space.
    • Adapting our design to include innovative storage solutions, such as drawers, pull-down rails, mirrors and lighting, as well as shoe, belt and tie racks.
    • Complete freedom in choosing from a rainbow of colours to complement your home.
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    All our pieces are meticulously planned to ensure they are designed to last and we take great care to consider the following:

    • Your particular requirements and how any piece we design and manufacture will fit and last in your home and within your existing decoration.
    • The methods that we use when engineering the piece to ensure it is built to last.
    • Intelligent selection of the right materials and the correct preparation to ensure your piece is protected for decades to come.
    • Our superior attention to detail during the installation stage means that all of the elements above work perfectly together, completing a beautiful piece which will last.
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    Our commitment to outstanding customer service is at the centre of all we do at Inteka. We prefer to work collaboratively with our clients and employ a transparent attitude when offering advice and expertise as well as information during all the stages of the project. This superior customer service is really noticeable during the installation stage, where we will respect your home, always act in a polite and punctual manner and endeavour to leave your house as clean as we find it.

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    We are based in North West London, where all our design and manufacturing takes place. We are proud to carry out all of stages of the bespoke furniture process in Great Britain.

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    Having never received a call to report a serious problem with our work, we are proud to offer all of our clients a 10 year Guarantee. Should anything happen with your furniture within the period just give us a call and we would be happy to come back and put things right, providing you with a decade of peace of mind.

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    We cover the whole of Greater London and some of the Home Counties. We operate from our workshop in North West London and tend to cover an area of about 20 mile radius. Click here to see the map.

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    All our furniture is bespoke and thus our pricing is unique to each individual project. However we have displayed some price details on our PRICING page, which will help you gain a clearer idea of costs.

    To get an exact price for your project please get in touch to arrange a consultation, or, if you have some sketches that you can email, please send them across with indicative sizes and short description of your requirements. Adding reference images would greatly help us to understand the style and finish you have in mind and allow our design team to give you a more exact quotation.

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    Yes, it is free of charge and there is no obligation for you to proceed upon receipt of our quotation.

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    You should expect your fitted furniture project to last between four to eight weeks from the time of your initial enquiry. Here is a simple breakdown of the process in its stages:

    1. First consultation – one of our designers will visit you at home to discuss your design preferences and specific requirements, as well as taking important measurements. This could be within a week from when you contact us.
    2. Quotation – once we have all the information we will e-mail to you a detailed quotation, which can sometimes take up to one week.
    3. Preparation – if you decide to go ahead with our quotation we will start preparing for your project. Here we produce professional drawings, order necessary materials, prepare different parts of the build in our workshop and set up for the final installation stage. This would take between three to six weeks depending on the project and our availability at the time of order being placed.
    4. Installation – this takes place in your home and depending on a size of the project it can be from one day up to few weeks.

    Whilst this may appear a long time, the bespoke results are well worth it. We specialise in creating luxury furniture which will markedly improve your home. Please see our testimonials for a greater idea of this.

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    When considering a bespoke furniture project, it’s always useful to do some research prior to meeting with any company, which will give you a much clearer idea of your preferred materials and styles. It is also useful for you to have this basic knowledge to ask the right questions at quotation stage. A couple of interesting questions you may want to ask are whether your cupboards/wardrobes are fully lined and have back panels, if they are truly fitted and customised to suit your home and what range of materials and finishes can the company offer.

    Another important aspect is the Guarantee that the company is prepared to offer, to protect your pieces for years or even decades to come.

    You may want to ask more about the company itself, to establish its specialism and review past projects to ensure that the quality is as you would expect.

    Finally, when considering a project such as this we would encourage you to think long term, as a savvy investment in fitted furniture can greatly enhance the comfort of your home, as well as making it far more attractive to prospective buyers should you decide to sell in the future.