General Information and Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to all and any agreement between us when you buy services and/or products from us. Details of the consideration (price you pay and what we will supply) will be contained in our Quotation and design drawings. Our products and services are provided to the best of our ability and based on the Interior Designer’s personal experience and any information, facts and requests you provide. Whilst we can advise you it is your responsibility to ensure that products and product specifications meet your particular needs.


By approving and e-signing the designs you are accepting the specification as shown, therefore particular attention should be paid. Changes made at a later date will incur further charges and the installation or completion dates may be delayed. When your project goes into production the designs can no longer be changed.


On agreement of quotation a 50% deposit is required to secure your project. Payment should be made electronically and is due to be paid within 5 working days from the invoice issue date. All prices quoted are subject to VAT, which is charged at the current rate. Please note if funds are not received within the specified time we may re-allocate your project delivery dates.

Upon receipt of the deposit our production manager will be in touch with you to arrange installation details, including access to the property, parking and the best time of arrival of our carpenters. Should you have any queries please contact our production manager as he will be overseeing your project.

Dates and Time of Arrival

Delivery dates are given in good faith and are adhered to as closely as possible but due to the intricate nature of our fully bespoke service, the customer must recognise that at times there may be unforeseen circumstances that will delay installation. We respectfully ask our customers to be patient should these delays occur and rest assured that we will keep you fully updated with any changes. We will attempt to resolve any delays as efficiently as possible but will not be liable for any loss (including direct or consequential loss, financial loss, loss of profits or loss of use) arising from the delay.


When we arrive to install your project we will need to be able to park one van daily for the duration of the project. We do not include parking expenses in our initial quotation and require you to either provide parking permits or cover any necessary parking expenses. If parking permits have not been provided, we will either use Pay & Display bays nearby or parking garages in close proximity. At the end of the project the total cost of parking is added to the final invoice. You must pay in full any parking expenses incurred during the installation of your project.

Work On Site

You are required to provide good access to the front door of your house or flat so that we may unload all our tools and materials for your project. You must clear the room that work is to be undertaken in as we require a large amount of floor space to assemble your furniture. Remove any objects you can carry from the room and any heavy furniture should be moved aside. In the event there is not enough space, our carpenters may need to use an adjacent room and rearrange furniture in order to free-up some work space. If we have agreed on the removal of existing fixed furniture you must ensure it is completely empty before work commences. Failure to do so may incur an additional charge which will be added to the final invoice at our discretion.

We prepare most of your project in the workshop to minimize cutting on site. Due to the nature of fitted furniture some cutting and drilling will be undertaken in your home; working outside is not an option as it slows down the process and also creates a lot of traffic through the house.

Upon completion of your project and following the site clean-up, some dust may remain. It will be your responsibility to arrange professional cleaning services at your own expense, should you wish to do so.

Completion Stage

Once the project is fully completed you should inspect the work and promptly inform us of any issues. We may send you a Completion Form to be signed off within three working days. You must pay the outstanding amount in full, in 5 working days from the invoice issue date. You must not delay the payment. All products remain under the property of Inteka Ltd until payment has been received in full.

Cancellation of Agreement

Once you sign this agreement you cannot cancel it and moneys paid to date will not be returned. A settlement invoice for work that has been done to date will also be sent which you must pay it in full, in 5 working days from the invoice issue date.

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