Your living room is the heart of your home, a space where you can relax and spend time with those closest to you. Inteka understands the importance of creating a stylish, functional living space and can provide the expertise to realise its full potential through innovative design and material choices.

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke living room furniture, to maximise the space available to you, add a designer look and feel and provide an additional place for much needed storage.


Our expert designers will help you to develop your initial ideas to create beautiful and functional living room furniture.

We feel it’s important to first consider all the different ways in which your living room is used, ranging from a space to relax or share a meal to a family room. You may wish to display books and ornaments, display a television or have it hidden away or even create a particular ambience with mood lighting.

Whilst we are happy to be led by your personal requirements, our expertise means that we can often add insight to solve design issues or offer advice on the best materials or styles to choose. Our designers will advise you on the best use of space and share their knowledge on all available features to completely customise your living room furniture.


Our range of bespoke living room furniture comprises a range of different pieces, from simple shelves and cupboards to ornate media units or even custom-made cinema rooms for those with the luxury of space. The advantages of a fully bespoke service means that we see each living room as completely unique, tailoring our advice and the furniture we recommend to suit you.

We are experts in transforming small and large spaces using innovative furniture solutions and adding stylish pieces to complement existing interior design. Our living room furniture range encapsulates a wide variety of colour, style and material options and we have no doubt that you will find inspiration by visiting our gallery below.