Either as a necessity or for pleasure, a home office can be a wonderful addition to your home. Inteka has the experience and expertise to consider all aspects of this room’s design and functionality to ensure you get the most from your space and it is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Whether you require a home office to conduct your business, catch up on the news or even start a good book, it is infinitely easier to complete vital tasks in a purpose-built, quiet and well-designed space.

When working with Inteka, you can expect every part of your office to be completely made to measure, to fit into and maximise the space you have available. We understand the advantages of a well organised home office and as such specialise is producing a pared-back design, free of unsightly cables and office equipment.

A thoughtful home office design can make working from home a pleasure, enhancing your attitude to work and improving its quality.


In designing a fully functional home office, it’s important to consider not only the position of your furniture but also electrical points, as well as lighting, equipment, cabling and storage/filing. Inteka has proven experience weighing up these disparate points and ensuring that they work seamlessly together. In addition, as home offices are usually designed to fit in small spaces, we also need to ensure that every millimetre is considered and used intelligently.

The expert design team will suggest the best way of storing files, connecting various office machines and providing a comfortable space to complete tasks. This will improve the efficiency of your office and make your home a far more pleasurable place to work.



Inteka’s made to measure home office furniture is fully customisable, meaning that it can be adapted to suit a range of different spaces, from an entire room, a corner of your bedroom or living space or even a smaller area in an attic or under a staircase. Our range includes purpose-built bookcases, filing systems, storage spaces, desks and shelves.

Whilst most prefer the clean lines of a contemporary design when choosing the style of their home office, we are fully flexible to your tastes and can produce far more elaborate or traditional designs in keeping with your requirements. Why not browse our gallery below to gain a greater understanding of the finishes and designs we offer as well as how we work within various spaces for a bespoke and successful result.