In an ideal world, every room in our home would be custom-built to meet your specific needs. Aside from the bespoke furniture we can provide for your bedroom, living room and home office, we are able to produce beautiful solutions for other spaces in your home too.

The team at Inteka appreciates the need to create beautiful furniture to make your home more comfortable and strives to place your comfort at the centre of everything we produce for you.

Our furniture is designed to fit seamlessly into every corner of your home, forming an essential part of your life. Our focus on quality materials and outstanding attention to detail means that any piece we produce for your will remain beautiful and functional for decades to come.


In any home, there are probably alcoves, bay windows and other unusual spaces which are difficult to design to be useful or beautiful. Custom-made furniture provides a perfect solution for this type of area, allowing you to harness lost space either with clean unobtrusive lines or with a vibrant design to provide a focal point in the room.

From unusual bathrooms to eaves or under stair spaces, Inteka is adept at designing, manufacturing and installing furniture to meet your specific purposes and please your eye.


Most of our clients require custom-built solutions for bedrooms, living rooms or home offices – however Inteka also offers expert guidance during the design and manufacture process for stylish fitted kitchens, bespoke bathroom units, sunny window seats and various storage solutions.

We also design, build and install bespoke radiator covers, entrance hall cupboards and under-stairs storage to keep your home attractive and clutter-free. Please browse our gallery below to see the range of our services, providing bespoke furniture solutions for every room in your home.