Here at Inteka we specialise in making your place truly your own with custom home furniture ideal for every room, every space and every family.

What comes to your mind when you think of custom built home furniture?  Most people think of the elaborate kitchen designs or the built-in furniture that is an original feature of every house built in a street or neighbourhood.  However, our professional designers and builders can offer you so much more.  Just as every person and family is unique, every home should be unique too.  That’s why, when we create furniture for you, is it truly bespoke and specific to the needs, wants and dynamics of every household.  Why should the kitchen be the only room that makes perfect use of the space and possible storage areas that are available?  And why should you put up with a cupboard that is in the wrong place and too small for your needs?  We look at the home itself only for the correct measurements, but our customers are the ones that provide us with the inspiration for the designs.


For example, do you love books?  Well with our custom made home furniture we can help you to house every size of novel, non-fiction and encyclopaedia you require.  Do you have a large family, perhaps with young children?  With bespoke bedroom furniture designs, we can make each person’s room suit the needs and personality of each member.  So, whether you love vintage fashion and require plenty of wardrobe space, or you need space in your little girl or boys’ room for all of their cuddly toys, we can provide what you need.

We do this by not only designing beautifully crafted furniture to fit the precise measurements of each room but by listening to the needs of each of our customers in a consultation.  This includes the styles of custom home furniture and the décor you want for each room.  With our vast experience in providing custom-built home furniture, we can also make some suggestions of ways to utilize and employ all of the space in a home, without taking over the choice of style and space you need.


Do you work from home?  Whether you require an office to house all of the necessary personal paperwork, or to run your company your office environment should be a place that encourages you to create, be focused and inspired.  By commissioning us to make our custom made home office furniture for you, we can create an area that is functional at the same time as being stimulating.  Not only would you need custom home office furniture to provide places for all of your office machinery and stationery to go, but you will also need a suitable workstation that is comfortable, and engaging.

We can provide any furniture you could need for your home, for any room of the house.  We are happy to provide bespoke beautifully crafted and designed furniture just for you, no matter where it is needed, for jobs big or small.  Contact us today.


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