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Modern Furniture Design Twickenham

When you are dreaming of your ideal home, it can sometimes be difficult to turn it into a reality. You may find a lot of pieces that will do but still struggle to find furniture that is exactly right. We understand the importance of having the right home fittings that can bring your dreams to life, and we can make that happen with our bespoke furniture design Twickenham services. At Inteka Interiors, we believe that everyone should have the chance to add a touch of individuality to their home furnishings.

Creating interior pieces with us couldn’t be easier. Our contemporary furniture design Twickenham team are experts in their respective fields. We will start the process with a free consultation providing all Inteka customers with the opportunity to discuss with our professionals your inspiration and individual requirements. Even if your ideas are still in the conceptual stage, our experts can visit your home and provide advice and brainstorm. Producing detailed technical drawings and giving advice on the best materials, finishes and functionality to suit specific spaces. Including thorough measurements that will ensure our furniture design Twickenham team create the perfect fit piece.

Furniture Design Twickenham

Our in-house crafters take your final sketches and expertly construct them piece by piece, so no detail is overlooked. We can construct classic and contemporary pieces or a fusion of both. For example, our team can create a piece that incorporates a traditional exterior with modern design elements. Every piece we produce is made in Great Britain and adheres to rigorous standards to produce truly high-quality, lasting pieces. A bespoke fitting should have longevity and only build character with age while remaining just as functional as the day it was installed. We are certain of the quality of our work and offer a 10-year guarantee. We think it is the reason for our solid reputation of never having a serious problem reported back to us by our customers.

Inteka is committed to outstanding customer service, and it is the primary focus of all we do. Our modern furniture design Twickenham team work collaboratively with all our customers. Applying a transparent attitude when offering advice and expertise through every stage of the project, from the consultation to the final precision fitting. Our team believe in the importance of excellent design and the difference it can make every day.

Get in contact with us to access our bespoke furniture Twickenham services today or view our online gallery for more inspiration.